Post-Discharge Follow-Up

Proactive patient follow-up is critical. CipherHealth provides the only solution that intelligently calls or texts 100% of patients post-visit, post-discharge, or post-procedure to create meaningful touchpoints and identify those most at risk of an adverse event.

EMR Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your EMR and other workflow systems to easily follow-up, track, and analyze patient interactions.

Customizable Scripts

Choose from a variety of our best-practice follow-up questions or create your own to achieve your organization’s goals.

Automated Alerts

Should a patient issue arise, designated staff members are alerted by text, email, or page for prompt resolution.

In-Depth Reports

CipherHealth's robust reporting options provide insight by identifying trends in outcomes, patient engagement, issue resolution, and more.

Multi-Call & Language

Multi-call and multi-language follow-up programs provide the outreach your patients need when and how they need it.

Live Transfer

The only patient outreach solution with live transfer features to connect patients to someone who can assist with what they need.


For an estimate of the potential three-year savings your hospital could achieve with Post-Discharge Follow Up, search for your hospital name below

*Please note that these are predictive estimates based on our experience with comparable hospitals

Additional HCAHPS Savings

Meaningful patient engagement triggers improvements across all the HCAHPS dimensions, significantly contributing to the overall hospital rating. We used the CMS methodology to calculate additional HCAHPS reimbursement, assuming 5% improvement across the dimensions.

$ 0,00

Post-Discharge Calling Labor Cost Savings

CipherHealth allows hospitals to follow-up with 100% of discharged patients via personalized calling and texting, reducing the time nurses spend on the phone. Calculations assume nurses work 40 hours a week for 48 weeks/year with an annual salary of $60,000. Based on programs at comparable sites, 20% of patients will require a follow-up call from staff.

$ 0,00

Additional Medicare Reimbursement

Well-informed and engaged patients are more likely to adhere to prescribed medical treatments and remain on the path to wellness. Estimates for reduction in readmission penalty are calculated using CipherHealth proprietary algorithm. Predictive estimates are based on data from comparable hospitals utilizing CipherHealth.

$ 0,00

Total Estimated Three-Year Return

$ 0,00

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Decrease in readmission rates for an academically-affiliated home health care agency

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Hospitals using CipherHealth saw gains in HCAHPS scores at a rate more than double the national average

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Patients are less likely to be readmitted when triaged by CipherHealth calls compared to an all manual program

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