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High-Risk Readmissions Communications

Closely monitor vulnerable patients over a longer length of time and prevent costly hospital readmissions

Screen High Risk Readmissions

Avoid fees for high readmission rates and maximize VBC reimbursement by enrolling your high-risk patients in programs specific to their condition.

Increase monetary

Reduce hospital readmissions and increase cost savings for your health system by monitoring patients with chronic conditions such as CHF, COPD, OB, and Pneumonia. Improve clinical outcomes through personalized follow-up for a 30-90 day period.

Drive patient

Implement clinical best practice, condition-specific scripts to engage your patients and their families, providing them with the tailored support they need to optimally recover at home after their hospital discharge.

Provide real-time

Help patients who are most at-risk for readmission during the critical transition from hospital to home by leveraging the agility of digital tools. Ensure timely follow-up and care coordination should their condition deteriorate and provide them with personalized care.

Streamline staff

Prioritize automated alerts from patients that require manual intervention, allowing staff to focus their efforts on those who have identified an issue. Ensure real-time support and reduce readmission risk through customized, remote care.

Prevent unnecessary readmissions of your most vulnerable patients 

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Save money by monitoring health needs, improve clinical outcomes and reduce 30-day readmissions for high-risk patients