Scale smart, automated outreach – before and after care

Personalize patient conversations to improve outcomes and enhance the patient experience.

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Meet the automated, patient-specific outreach solution that transforms how providers get – and stay – in touch with patients. With CipherOutreach, providers can confirm adherence with care plans, address issues before they escalate and focus on patients with the most acute needs.

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Nurse Stewart’s patient indicates that she is feeling better post-discharge, so he knows he can focus on following up with his more acute post-discharge patients.

Patients want to be reached, when they want to be reached, how they want to be reached. CipherOutreach is built for Voice and/or SMS, with over a decade of experience in outreach. Our Clinical and Implementation teams partner with you to optimize your schedules and scripts.

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Partner with outreach experts

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Send Community Messages
Easily send alerts to all your patients or reach specific patient populations with targeted messages.
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Stay In Touch

Reach out to patients proactively about preventive care, wellness visits and referrals.

Screenshot Post Visit
Check In After a Visit

Check on patients after procedures, share test results and send patient satisfaction surveys.

Screenshot Discharge Follow Up
Post-Discharge Follow-up

Check on patients after they leave the hospital to confirm they understand their care plan.

Screenshot High Risk
High-Risk Readmissions

Enroll patients in high-risk readmission reduction programs specific to their condition.

Screenshot Home Care
Manage Care at Home

Send check-ins to patients in episode-of-care programs at home.

Get in touch – and stay in touch – with all of your patients today

Intermountain Healthcare prevented 1,000+ thirty-day readmissions with post-discharge follow-up

Preventing patient readmissions is what’s important to us, and we had just under $15M in savings with doing these post-discharge follow-up calls. We’re not spending near that amount to provide these patient engagement services, and they are making a huge difference. It results in greater patient satisfaction, lower readmission rates, and it does have a significant financial impact in our healthcare organization.”

Ben Becker, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Director, Enterprise Care Management

Intermountain Healthcare

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CipherOutreach helps healthcare providers engage their patients before they arrive for an appointment and after they head home.

Proactively communicate with patients post-discharge to confirm care plan adherence and address patient or caregiver questions before they escalate.

Automate patient communication efforts and leverage risk analysis so healthcare providers can follow up with the most acute patients.

Use patient data to generate reports and dashboards to evaluate program success and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Understand the unique needs of every patient by actively engaging them in managing their own health.

Send the right message via automation to the right patient at the right time, using the modality of their choice.

Check in with your patients about their experience with their healthcare provider with automated surveys after they’ve left your care.

Interacted with

8m People

nearly 2.5% of the US population

Engaged in nearly

25m Conversations
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Reach patients when they want to be reached, how they want to be reached, and improve clinical outcomes