A coordinated way to connect patients and care teams

What if you could give your patients a frictionless conversational pre-care, point-of-care, and post-care experience and automate robotic tasks to save healthcare staff time while  interconnecting conversational data with clinical information from your EHR?

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Meet the patient-centered communications solution that transforms how the healthcare industry delivers personalized care. CipherConnect automates administrative tasks and gives patients a way to self-report feedback, empowering them to proactively engage in their own care.

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Jennifer Jones needs to reschedule her appointment and is presented with alternative options without the need for extensive coordination with staff.

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Frictionless Experience

Accountless access in a web-based user experience that mirrors retail services.

Conversational Engagement Screenshot
Conversational Engagement

Creates digital empathy when gathering real-time feedback from patients.

Seamless Rescheduling Screenshot
Seamless Rescheduling

Patients can easily find a time that works best for them to avoid cancellations and no-shows.

Deliver a genuinely personalized patient experience

CipherConnect surfaces smart insights so patients get the care they expect and healthcare organizations can achieve sustainable success – cutting healthcare organization costs, augmenting workforces, and generating new business.

Reduce no-shows and backfill open slots, saving money by automating manual healthcare service tasks so staff can use their time more productively.

Integrate with EHRs and other healthcare industry scheduling systems to automate routine tasks to scale patient communication.

Ensure patients stay on track with follow-up or preventative appointments with consistent chatbot outreach, and bring back hard-to-reach or unengaged patient populations.

Capture contextual information about patients and their current care situation that can be applied downstream with other providers.

Offer a faster, easier consumer-like experience patients have come to expect, and keep them loyal with intuitive interactions that have their care needs and preferences accounted for.

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Provide the digital, consumer-like experience patients expect and free up your resources