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CipherHealth Epic Integration

Enhance your Epic® experience with expanded patient engagement

Integrate with Epic to simplify workflows, improve patient communications, and provide all care team members with visibility to patient data in near real-time.
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Meet the versatile technology complement for EHRs that provides more than a point solution to fill one-off communication gaps. With CipherHealth EHR Integration, you can enjoy patient engagement solutions across the care continuum.
Icon Enhance Clinical Workflows

Enhance clinical

Funnel patient responses from post-discharge outreach calls directly into Epic, surfacing data to all members of the care team regardless of care setting in near real-time in a single unified view.
Icon Scale Your Technology

Scale your

Reach patients across the spectrum of care, both inside and outside the hospital walls, with flexible, multi-purpose solutions that grow with you as your patient communications needs evolve.

Icon Improve Staff Satisfaction Retention

Improve staff satisfaction
and retention

Automatically send patient messages and outreach responses to the patient’s record in Epic and minimize the need to switch between different systems.
Icon Report Analyze

Report and

Identify areas for troubleshooting with visibility into engagement activity and evaluate trends to optimize outreach programs across patient populations for better clinical results.

Epic Flowsheet

Epic Flowsheet Integration
  • Enhance workflows
  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Deliver more personalized care
  • Improve patient outcomes
Patients who report declining health or questions about their care post-discharge need priority attention. Connecting with patients through automated post-discharge questions can significantly reduce hospital readmissions, but only if staff has visibility to their responses in a streamlined way.

With Epic Flowsheet Integration, your care team members get patient responses from automated outreach in near real-time, giving all care team members regardless of care setting the information they need while reducing the need to toggle between systems.

Epic Flowsheet Screen 2x

Enhance workflows

Map all data directly to Epic in discrete fields within the context of the patient’s chart.

Increase staff satisfaction

Resolve a major clinical pain point by funneling data to the EHR so clinicians can minimize switching back and forth across different solutions.

Deliver more personalized care

Provide all care team members with visibility to post-discharge outreach call responses for a full view of the patient’s history.

Improve patient outcomes

Respond to patients with urgency to ensure actions  to address issues before they escalate and avoid hospital readmissions.

Enhanced Appointment

Enhanced Appointment Reminders
  • Improve staff workflows
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase patient volume and loyalty
  • Enhance the patient experience
The typical process for rescheduling a healthcare visit is time consuming for patients and adds administrative burden for providers. Phone calls are inefficient, leading some patients to cancel or skip appointments, which leaves gaps in your schedule. Unfilled appointments can negatively impact revenue and could mean patients are missing important health visits.

With Enhanced Appointment Reminders, you can facilitate self-service appointment rescheduling via text message, keeping provider schedules full and reducing staffing needs for call centers.

Enhanced Appointment Reminders Screen 2x
  1. Patient receives automated appointment reminder
  2. Patient selects (1) Confirm, (2) Cancel, or (3) Reschedule
  3. If patient selects “3” to reschedule, CipherHealth connects to scheduler in Epic to identify alternate appointment times
  4. CipherHealth presents those options to patient via text message
  5. Patient confirms new appointment time
  6. Patient receives automated appointment reminder for new time and/or date

Improve staff workflows

Reduce administrative burden associated with schedule management, allowing staff to focus on patient care.

Increase revenue

Reduce administrative costs associated with schedule management, and maintain your revenue stream by increasing fill rates.

Increase patient volume and loyalty

Grow patient volume by acquiring more new patients while keeping existing patients in-network, reducing leakage by offering a differentiated rescheduling process.

Enhance the patient experience

Increase digital engagement with patient populations and improve access to care through flexible rescheduling.

EHR Activation

Ehr Activation Gateway
  • Improve the quality of healthcare communications
  • Reach patients at scale
  • Expect cost certainty
  • Report and analyze

Text messaging is one of the most universal solutions for automating outreach, but it can have limitations if the technology used to deliver messages is unreliable. Even small gaps in communication can result in tens of thousands of patients missing critical updates.

With EHR Activation Gateway, health systems can deliver messages that originate in Epic with 98% success, reducing communication gaps with patients. In addition, comprehensive reporting on patient activity will allow them to identify areas for troubleshooting.

Ch Epic Activationgateway

Improve the quality of healthcare communications

Communicate reliably with patients to close care gaps by delivering important health information, gain patient confidence through timely and relevant messages, and drive portal activations.

Reach patients at scale

Manage large volumes of data without straining your IT resources with flexible, multi-purpose solutions that grow with you as your patient communications needs evolve.

Expect cost certainty

Eliminate budgeting surprises through consistent, simplified pricing and work with a single-source solution provider to reduce IT management burden.

Report and analyze

Identify areas for troubleshooting with visibility to undelivered messages, monitor messaging activity by volume of messages sent and deliverability rates, and filter reports by customized criteria to highlight trends over time.

By gleaning conversational data from patient encounters and plugging it directly into our single source of truth, we’re improving patient interactions at every other stage of the care continuum, enhance patient experience and, critically, improve outcomes through a more engaged patient base.”


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