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CipherHealth’s patient engagement platform manages patient, healthcare provider and caregiver communication to ensure personal and actionable interactions – leading to better outcomes, improving staff satisfaction and achieving financial goals for your healthcare system.

Gain a Competitive Edge With Your Patient Engagement Platform

3 ways to stand out with CipherHealth

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Get flexible

Leverage patient engagement solutions that reach patients at scale – and grow with you as your patient communications needs evolve.

Manage at-risk

Enroll patients in engagement programs, from chronic condition management to annual wellness visits.

Optimize healthcare staff efficiency

Automate outreach efforts, and leverage risk scoring so staff can follow up with the highest priority patients.

Report and

Evaluate patient data trends and get real-time reporting, addressing patient and staff needs as they happen.

Reduce IT

Consolidate healthcare organization vendors with a single-source provider for patient engagement solutions for all stages of patient care.

Future-proof your

Maximize your patient engagement initiatives with a healthcare solution expressly built for patient activation and communications.

Optimize patient, staff and caregiver communications with a purpose-built patient engagement platform

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Community Health Network

reduced readmission rates by 32% across inpatient and ED programs

We really feel that the partnering [with CipherHealth] and the pairing of data and analytics, process improvement, clinical and informatics is a recipe for success in tying this all together. Partner with a vendor who will learn with you — this is the most important point. It’s that partnership that makes the difference.”

Dr. Patrick McGill

EVP & Chief Analytics Officer

Community Health Network

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Manage each and every patient through a single, unified system built upon clinical best practices and strict security requirements for healthcare data management.

Engaged in nearly

25m Conversations

Interacted with

8m People

nearly 2.5% of the US population

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