Financial Goals

Increase hospital revenue

Hospital executives are under increasing pressure to recoup lost hospital revenue, minimize revenue leakage and identify new opportunities for growth.

Attract new patients and improve patient loyalty all while removing inefficiencies in patient communication.

Decrease network leakage with automated and easy-to-use patient referral scheduling
Maximize your value-based care reimbursement by reducing health system readmissions as much as 25%
Reduce nurse and physician manual labor by automating pre-care, in-care and post-care communications

Grow your patient volume and maximize your earnings today

Community Health Network added $3M in revenue with data-driven appointment reminders

With CipherHealth, we were able to enhance our appointment reminder program to send multiple, customizable reminders, helping us greatly reduce no-shows.”

Julie O’Toole-Black

VP of Access & Operations

Community Health Network

CipherHealth’s automated outreach, customized rounding tools and real-time patient engagement analytics help you grow patient volume and remove inefficiencies to boost your bottom line.

Remove inefficiencies and generate revenue and cost-savings today