Take the pen and paper out of rounding

Digitize rounding to improve care outcomes and enhance staff satisfaction – for happier, healthier patients.

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Meet the purposeful rounding solution that revolutionizes how you care for your patients. CipherRounds helps you improve communications, understand and address quality and safety issues as they happen, and use real-time actionable insights when it matters most.

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Natalie Carr indicates that she does not understand her discharge instructions during a round, so her nurse spends extra time with her and a family member to ensure they know what to do prior to going home.

Connecting with your staff has never been more important. CipherRounds not only relieves staff of manual tasks associated with traditional rounding, but it also gives leaders a rounding platform to have meaningful check-ins with their teams. Providers can recognize their colleagues, and patients can share appreciation for their clinicians.

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Reduce turnover with CipherRounds                 Watch Video

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Capture Patient Pronouns

Demonstrate courtesy and respect by asking patients and staff how they would like to be addressed.

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Give Patients Extra Attention

Show your organization’s commitment to providing quality care and increasing patient satisfaction through nurse leader rounding.

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Survey Patients

Ask about patients’ experience in the hospital to find out what they enjoy and what areas remain for improvement.

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Celebrate Staff
Let patients and colleagues share the positive experiences they have with particular staff members. The feedback is shared with each individual and can be integrated into reward programs.
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Check In With Your Staff

Foster trust by regularly touching base with your staff to find out their current concerns so you can work to address them.

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Improve Quality & Safety

Ensure quality, safety and compliance across all hospital locations and improve communication and collaboration within EVS and other ancillary services.

Power purposeful conversations with patients and staff
Akron Children’s Hospital scaled their rounding program across 100 locations in just 4 days

With CipherRounds, we are able to support nurse accountability for rounds, but even more importantly, we are providing the healthcare services patients and families need quickly.”

Joy Burt

Patient Experience Improvement Manager

Akron Children’s Hospital

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CipherRounds improves the quality of interactions between patients and staff so care providers can give patients the personalized care they deserve – and leaders can better support their staff.

Use physician and nurse manager alerts to quickly resolve clinical issues and notify case managers for questions prior to discharge.

Create meaningful interactions that show patients you care about their needs and preferences, and alert patient advocates if patients have questions about their care.

Foster a culture of open communication, promote coordination among care teams and make necessary changes to optimize workflows.

Proactively manage compliance and safety checks among hospital staff, patients and the environment of care.

Establish best practices in your scripts, and leverage in-depth reporting to pinpoint trends.

Tracked over

22m Admissions

and completed 3.7M rounds on 1.6M patients


250k Rounds

with 60k ideas for improvement were shared with leadership

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Provide the care your patients expect and keep your staff happy