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Improve digital access to care

Information technology stacks have grown tremendously in recent years to expand access to patient care – but instead of enhancing the patient experience, they’ve complicated it with disconnected applications.

Build an integrated patient communication infrastructure that scales as you expand digital access to healthcare, streamline provider workflows and attract and keep more patients.

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Streamline workflow to save nurses 30 minutes of work per day with the use of informatics
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Reach 70% of patients with appointment reminders to reduce no-shows
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Cut IT costs using one health informatics platform for your communication needs
Improve digital access to care with healthcare informatics
Locations Community Health 2

Community Health Network reduced
no-shows by 1.2%
a self-scheduling option for patients

We really feel that the partnering [with CipherHealth] and the pairing of patient data and analytics, process improvement, clinical and informatics is a recipe for success in tying this all together. Partner with a vendor who will learn with you — this is the most important point. It’s that partnership that makes the difference.”

Dr Patrick McGill
EVP & Chief Analytics Officer
Community Health Network
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CipherHealth’s platform extends the value of existing health information technology investments and engages patients across their journeys to position you for success in an increasingly digital world.

Deliver greater connectivity with a single healthcare informatics solution