CipherHealth Point-of-care Communication Solutions

Build a purposeful rounding culture across your entire health system
Product rounds
Point Of Care Screens
Improve patient
Use physician and nurse manager alerts to quickly resolve clinical issues and notify case managers for questions prior to discharge.

Streamline clinical workflows

Replace paper-and-pen rounding with a digital rounding tool, reducing documentation time and standardizing data capture.

Drive lasting quality and safety changes

Proactively manage compliance and safety checks among hospital staff, patients and the environment of care.

Increase patient satisfaction
Round on patients and use nurse leader rounding to increase HCAHPS Likelihood to Recommend patient feedback scores.

Monitor staff

Increase engagement among nursing staff and leadership, taking action to improve satisfaction and reduce turnover.

Achieve excellence through insights

Establish best practices with your scripts, and leverage reporting to pinpoint trends.

Improve patient outcomes, boost staff satisfaction and get actionable insights now

Lenox Hill Hospital reached the 99th Percentile in Key HCAHPS Domains through daily patient rounds
We were able to look at our HCAHPS data, and we saw that doing rounding works. Our patients are saying it works, and our team members are telling us that the technology we put in place helps them in their day-to-day.”

Joe Leggio

Executive Director/VP of Experience Services

Lenox Hill Hospital

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Improve point-of-care communications to make data-driven decisions that drive impact when it matters most.

Tracked over

22m Admissions

and completed 3.7M rounds on 1.6M patients


250k Rounds

with 60k ideas for improvement were shared with leadership

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Improve patient satisfaction, address staff well-being and proactively conduct healthcare facility checks today