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Staff Wellbeing

Give your staff the health and wellness support they need

Hospital staff are exhausted, overwhelmed and in need of a support system to help minimize burnout, manage their mental health, job satisfaction and skill sets.

How Hero Support Team

Unburden your healthcare workers and allow them to focus on delivering the best patient care.

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Complete easy employee check-ins with staff-specific rounding scripts
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Reduce manual work by automating tasks for your care teams
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Support your DEI initiatives through customized rounding scripts

Improve staff well-being, engagement,
efficiency and performance today

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Zuckerberg San Francisco General saved nurses 2-3 hours per day with automated appointment reminder calls

CipherHealth is overall a low-cost technology that can be easily scaled up and altered to fit the needs of specific departments or healthcare organizations. It allows our nurses to have better control over scheduling, optimizing open slots and improving efficiency, which ultimately increases access for patients.”

Dr. Shreya Patel
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Zuckerberg SF General Hospital & Trauma Center
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CipherHealth’s automated outreach and rounding solutions foster purposeful communications between care providers, extended staff and hospital leaders.

Actively monitor your staff and take quick action to support their mental health needs today