Post-Discharge Communications

Put an end to costly readmissions by proactively engaging all your patients post-discharge and ensuring continuity of care

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Follow up with patients to confirm an understanding of their care plan, intervene when concerns arise and reduce 30-day readmissions.
Improve clinical 
Reach patients through condition-specific, automated communications to assess general status, comprehension of discharge instructions, and questions about prescriptions and follow-up appointments.
Increase patient satisfaction
Create meaningful touchpoints and ensure patients and caregivers have what they need to care for themselves at home, leading to a positive impact on the patients’ overall perception of their experience and higher HCAHPS scores.

Bolster cost 

Prevent costly 30-day hospital readmissions through automated checks on patients within 24-48 hours of discharge, followed by personal calls to patients needing assistance. Reduce the strain on your healthcare system through remote communication during critical transition periods for patients.

Intervene when it
matters most

Leverage live transfer capabilities to enable personalized support when patients need additional help, creating opportunities to further educate your patients about their care plans and medication adherence.

Streamline staff

Reduce reliance on manual outreach through automated checkpoints and minimize documentation requirements through seamless integration with your EHR and other workflow systems to manage patient interactions.

Tailor outreach to maximize engagement

Automatically reach out to every patient within a predetermined time and customized cadences, as well as create cohort-specific outreach schedules for patients based on condition.

Reduce readmissions, improve cost savings and give time back to your staff members

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Ensure continuity of care for all patients, improve clinical outcomes, and increase HCAHPS scores