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CipherHealth Interoperability Solutions

Create a continuous communication loop for patients and staff
Scale your operations with integration-ready solutions that complement your existing technology infrastructure.
Cipherhealth Interoperability Solution
Let CipherHealth do the work of bringing together data from employee recognition, ticketing, risk and safety management, facilities management systems and your EHR for a cohesive communications experience across your healthcare organization.
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Reduce Healthcare
IT complexity

Utilize technology that accommodates a wide range of third party solutions to save time during implementation and streamline ongoing maintenance.
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Simplify staff

Reduce clicks and redundant electronic health record data entry by automating data sharing across your communications solutions.
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Rapidly deploy
new integrations

Add solutions to your tech stack using a repeatable process that scales across your entire health system.
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Report and

View engagement activity and evaluate trends and health data to optimize programs across patient populations for better clinical and operational results.


Ehr Integrations
  • Simplify workflows
  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Grow revenue
  • Reach patients at scale
CipherHealth integrates with 85+ EHRs to help you manage and funnel health data from multiple digital health sources into the patient record. Solutions including Epic Flowsheet Integration, EHR Activation Gateway, and Enhanced Appointment Reminders provide all care team members visibility to patient data and give patients the digital experience they expect when communicating with your health system.
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Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition Systems
  • Create meaningful interactions between patients and staff
  • Provide real-time data transfer across systems
  • Reduce the need to switch screens
  • Ensure staff gets the recognition they deserve
Give your team members the appreciation they deserve by automatically sending Caregrams from CipherRounds directly to your employee recognition system. Information contained within the Caregram will automatically populate in your recognition system, allowing providers to see a recognition badge or award.
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Ticketing Systems
  • Drive timely patient safety improvements
  • Proactively manage compliance checks
  • Establish best practice in rounding scripts
  • Leverage in-depth reporting to pinpoint trends
Capture and funnel alerts, requests and incidents from CipherHealth’s solution into a range of ticketing systems to notify the appropriate resources in real-time to facilitate timely resolution. Our one-to-many integration capabilities streamline the process of connecting multiple point solutions to facilitate efficient data exchange and provide timely access to patient data.
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By gleaning conversational data from patient encounters and plugging it directly into our single source of truth, we’re improving patient interactions at every other stage of the care continuum, enhance patient experience and, critically, improve outcomes through a more engaged patient base.”


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