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CipherHealth Expands Investment in AI-driven Patient Experience Through Collaboration with Google Cloud

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Patient engagement leader turns to Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to accelerate development of AI and machine learning models

NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2023 — CipherHealth, recognized leader and innovator in patient-centered engagement and insights for the nation’s leading healthcare systems, announced today the launch of a strategic initiative to integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to revolutionize hospital operations and patient care.

Leveraging Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, CipherHealth is building, training, deploying, and managing machine learning and artificial intelligence models across products and across the spectrum of care. These AI solutions will aim to dramatically accelerate issue resolution, power sophisticated patient experiences, enhance automation, and lead with bi-directional communication. Ultimately, CipherHealth plans to use AI to create personalized care pathways for patients at all stages of care. The highly tuned model will engage, analyze, and adapt to the patient’s inputs to deliver timely insights to clinicians and an intuitive, empathetic experience for patients.

“Hospital leaders are trying to find new ways to maximize efficiency, support overworked staff, and create positive, healthy outcomes and experiences for patients. We are committed to developing the industry’s best self-service and automated tools to simplify tasks for staff, while providing personalized care for patients across the continuum,” said CipherHealth CEO Jake Pyles. “This investment in Google Cloud’s industry-leading AI platform serves as a catalyst to propel us—and the leading health systems we serve—into an AI-driven future.”

CipherHealth’s next stage of AI growth rests atop a strong foundation of technological innovation, including in the area of artificial intelligence. The organization already leverages natural language processing to conduct sentiment analysis to better inform patient interactions, and identify key areas of strength and opportunity for the health system.

“Through this doubling down on AI innovation, we’re getting closer to our goal of realizing a future where human-centric healthcare combines with cutting-edge technology and data-driven intelligence to reshape the healthcare experience,” said Suzie Sfarra, Senior Vice President of Product at CipherHealth. “We plan to address some of the biggest engagement challenges facing hospitals and healthcare systems. We will leverage predictive models to anticipate patient needs and efficiently prioritize patients for rounding, utilize machine learning to target populations at risk by intelligently learning and implementing the best outreach strategies, and optimize interactions everywhere along the care continuum to improve patient outcomes, staff satisfaction, and revenue generation.”

CipherHealth selected Google Cloud to facilitate a holistic approach to machine learning. Through Vertex AI, sitting on a foundation of secure, interoperable data, CipherHealth’s data science team can fully construct, fine-tune, oversee and integrate machine learning models into various business processes. They are designed to cater to diverse modalities, such as free text (natural language), voice, vision, and tabular data. The entire initiative exists on CipherHealth’s HiTrust-certified Evolve Platform.

“We’re thrilled to leverage the full power of AI and machine learning to help healthcare leaders improve patient experience, staff satisfaction, and hospital operations,” said Nate Perry-Thistle, CipherHealth Chief Product & Technology Officer. “This important step will empower us to change the paradigm of patient engagement and help hospitals drive transformative growth.”

Read the full press release here.

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