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Why CipherHealth

Show your patients you know them

Today’s patients expect you to not just know when their next dose is, but when they need a telehealth link or an appointment reminder and if they want to be texted or called. And more and more, they only turn to providers that do.
The Smart Choice for Patient Engagement

3 ways to stand out with CipherHealth

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Your patients expect you to know them as well as their barista does, so you need a solution that treats patients like people – and sets your care delivery apart.

Why patient scheduling delivery

Sarah Smith needs a call to schedule delivery of her medication and a reminder when it’s arriving because she lives in a four-story walk-up and has a broken leg.

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Learn something new about your patients with every interaction – from asking for loved ones’ names while rounding on them in person to determining they never answer the phone before nine while automating follow-up calls – so that you know what they need before they they do. 

With too much to do and too few people do it, you need a smart automation tool that frees up providers to focus on the patients who need it. 

Why Provider caring for patient

Nurse Tran doesn’t need to make dozens of scheduling calls today because they’re already being taken care of so instead he is taking care of his patients.

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Automate appointment reminders and follow-up calls to free up your healthcare providers’ time – and take it one step further by automatically sending real-time patient alerts to your healthcare providers so they can focus on their most at-risk, critical patients, whether they’re in your care or at home.

Health Systems
As healthcare costs continue to rise outrageously, you need a solution that won’t complicate your IT infrastructure or overburden your staff, all while allowing you to save money.

Ch Why Health System Doctors Meeting

Hospital executive Jeff Jones delights his patients and reduces administrative costs because his hospital offers self-service appointment rescheduling via text message.

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Consolidate vendors with a single-source patient engagement solution that seamlessly integrates with your EHR to increase digital engagement with your patients before, during and after care – so that making an appointment is just as simple as ordering groceries.

Today’s patients can go anywhere for their care, so you need a comprehensive engagement solution that draws them in – and keeps them coming back.

Community Preventative Outreach Banner

Maria Lopez and her friend schedule their annual wellness appointments because they are enrolled in their health system’s preventative outreach program.

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Manage the population health of your community with scalable engagement programs, from chronic condition management to annual wellness visits, with voice and text-based outreach that translates into multiple languages. Plus, get pre-packaged reports tracking population health trends to improve engagement and outcomes.

The platform with conversational context.

Our next-generation patient engagement platform uses conversational context alongside clinical data so that you communicate with patients the moment it impacts their care – and gets them more engaged in their own care, ultimately leading to better clinical outcomes at lower costs. CipherHealth is the only platform that:

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Covers the entire care continuum.

Uncover how patients experience all touchpoints across their journey and identify opportunities to have purposeful conversations with them pre-care, point-of-care and post-care.

Closes the
data loop.

Get a more robust picture of your patients and therefore know them and deliver better care in an easy and efficient way.

Leverages clinical and implementation expertise.

Partner with clinical practice and operations experts with 30 years of experience to implement customized programs for your patient populations.

Interacted with

8m People

nearly 2.5% of the US population


250k Rounds

with 60k ideas for improvement were shared with leadership

Meaningfully connect with your patients to deliver more personal, intelligent and timely care at scale