Why CipherHealth

Healthcare is moving outside the walls of traditional care settings. Patients expect providers to know them as well as their baristas do. The pressure to consolidate technology is on.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Whether you are looking to drive preventative care, close gaps in care, reduce readmissions or improve patient experiences, CipherHealth closes critical care and communication gaps for faster positive outcomes.

savings in reduced readmissions

Drive Operational Efficiency

With CipherHealth, you can be in constant communication with your patients — all while reducing the administrative burden of your staff by streamlining workflows, improving staff efficiency, consolidating solutions for team members and providing real-time data.

CipherHealth helps support all of the great things that are happening here at Sutter Independent Physicians — the information we gather allows us to take action and tell a more complete story that we weren’t able to tell before.

Debbie Young
Manager, Service Excellence
Sutter Independent Physicians

Create Financial Value

From reducing no-shows to increasing patient loyalty to reducing staff turnover, CipherHealth manages all patient, staff and caregiver communication to deliver workflow efficiencies and cost-savings.


Discover how a data-driven appointment reminder program helped create over $3M in added value for Community Health Network.

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