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Actionable Insights

Deliver more impactful care with actionable patient analytics

Clinical records provide limited patient care data. In order to decisively and proactively address your patients’ needs, you need a contextualized view complete with actionable patient data and insights.

How Hero Actionable Insights

Get a singular view of your patients by combining CipherHealth contextual conversational data with your EHR data to improve health outcomes and reduce avoidable readmissions.

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Leverage real-time data analysis to increase reach rates and patient engagement
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Intervene when it matters most by responding to issue panel alerts and preventing avoidable adverse events
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Maximize data gathering to deliver more personalized and intelligent interactions
Act on patient insights now for better patient outcomes and healthcare organization efficiency
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Community Health Network
reduced readmissions by 32% across inpatient and ED programs

We really feel that the partnering with CipherHealth and the pairing of data and patient care analytics, process improvement, clinical and informatics is a recipe for success in tying this all together. Partner with a vendor who will learn with you — this is the most important point. It’s that partnership that makes the difference.”

Dr. Patrick McGill
EVP & Chief Analytics Officer
Community Health Network
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CipherHealth solutions help you better understand every patient, ensuring all communications can be personal, relevant, informed and actionable to optimize care coordination and delivery.
Use contextual conversational data capture to deliver quality care today