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Self-Service Rounding

Empower patients to become active in managing their own healthcare experience
Self Service Rounding Screenshot
Give patients the control to provide feedback on their own, improving patient experience and satisfaction while saving staff time to give more personalized attention to the highest priority patients.

Prioritize Staff

Offload manual tasks so staff has more time to connect with patients at key moments.

Increase Trust Through Personalized Engagement

Give patients the opportunity to provide feedback in their own words, so you can understand their unique experience for a more personalized conversation.

Understand the “Why” Behind Your Scores

Have better visibility into what’s working and what to improve, updating rounding scripts when organizational goals change.

Utilize Data-Driven Decision Making

Act on real-time data, pairing insights from self-rounds and in-person rounds for a holistic view of patient experience.

Choose the Right Feedback Modality

Encourage patients to share their experiences using a standard surveying approach or conversational UI.

Identify Convenient Entry Points

Make it easy for patients to give feedback and recognize a staff member by presenting them with self-rounding opportunities through SMS, patient boards, or digital monitors.
Create opportunities for personalized, conversational rounds with patients at key moments
Improve connections to retain patients and unburden staff