Stand Out Amongst Skilled Nursing Facilities with Proven Technology

With increased regulations and narrowing post-acute provider networks, Skilled Nursing Facilities must stand out to referral sources, as well as residents. Using CipherHealth’s customizable and integrated technology, improve resident outcomes effectively and efficiently.

Become a Preferred Post-Acute Partner

Purposeful Outreach

Personalized Care Instructions

Resident Rounding

Follow up calls help your facility stay engaged with residents discharged to home or home health with customizable and condition-specific calls, texts, and emails.

Recorded care instructions provide a secure way for residents and caregivers to access personalized recordings from their homes.

Point-of-care rounding offers real-time surveys, alerts, and reports for enhanced resident and staff experiences.

SNF Resident Management & Engagement

From Admission to Recovery

Step 1

During the resident’s stay, CipherHealth's digital rounding solution ensures issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Step 2

Prior to discharge, record summarized care instructions to drive resident compliance with care plans to increase medication adherence.

Step 3

Once the resident is discharged, reach out via customized calls, emails, or texts to check on recovery and prevent readmissions.

Step 4

Using data from rounds and outreach programs, pinpoint opportunity areas to drive long-term improvements.

Increase Star Ratings

Provide efficient, cost-effective engagement with residents to drive improvements that enhance SNF star ratings.

Improve Resident Outcomes

Decrease resident length of stay and avoidable readmissions with proactive resident rounding and follow up.

Become a Preferred Provider

With improved outcomes, experiences, and data transparency, differentiate your facility in its ability to care for higher acuity residents.

We partnered with CipherHealth not only to receive valuable resident feedback, but also to have a better, more streamlined way to address any issues that residents may have related to their care. This program has quickly become an essential component in providing high-quality care services.

Steve Swanson

Administrator Edgewood Place Skilled Nursing Facility

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