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Updates from CipherHealth’s Clinical Advisory Board

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We’re excited to share key insights from CipherHealth’s Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) meeting held in September 2023.

Welcome to our two new members!

Our Clinical Advisory Board continues to meet routinely to serve as a forum for subject matter experts to share their diverse perspectives and experiences to communicate best practices for patients and healthcare workers. During our meeting in September we were very excited to welcome two new members: Jason Coffey, MSN, RN and Laura Wieloch, MS, RN

Jason Coffey is the Director of Employee Experience at Norton Healthcare, Louisville, KY. Laura Wieloch is the Executive Director, Ambulatory Care Management, Enterprise Population Health at  Advocate Aurora Health. We’re thrilled that these top healthcare industry experts and influencers will provide their expert guidance and collaboration alongside our other members including:

  • Vanessa Mona, BS, Chairperson, Director, Care Experience at Henry Ford Health
  • Heather Hunn, BSN, RN, Assistant Vice President of Patient Experience at Inova Health
  • Teresa Frey, MSN, RN, Regional Chief Quality Officer Providence at Providence SoCal
  • Michael Helle, NRP/CCP, FP-C, MHA, MBA, Director, Clinical Programs – Office of Population Health at UCSF Health
  • Anna S. Lorenzetto, MS-CIPCT, BSN, RN, VP, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at Community Health Network
  • Korby Miller, MS, CPXP, Vice President, Patient Experience at Prisma Health
  • Rani Morrison, MS, MSW, LCSW, FACHE, Chief Diversity and Community Health Equity Officer at University of Illinois Health
  • Kellie Paulsen, MSN, RN, NE-BC Division Director, Patient Experience at HCA Central & West Texas Division

Among several timely topics, the board discussed the following:

Self-Service Rounding

The CAB has been instrumental in sharing feedback and recommendations to our Product team, particularly as CipherHealth developed Self-Service Rounding (SSR). SSR allows health systems to:

  • Provide flexible entry points with a QR code or SMS from patients’ personal devices 
  • Engage patients with personalized questions in a conversational manner 
  • Alert care providers about issues and complaints for faster service recovery 
  • Prioritize rounding list based on self-rounding insights 

SSR benefits patients and staff alike. Patients can give feedback at their convenience, answer any questions relevant to their specific background, and be seen holistically, with insights paired from in-person interactions and self-rounding. 

Serving as an adjunct to live patient rounding, providers can unburden their staff from having to perform multiple rounds while continuing to provide the patients a forum to be heard and receive real-time assistance throughout their stay.  

Ultimately, SSR is another necessary approach to patient-centered care. With patients in the driver’s seat, they’re more likely to be connected and engaged, leading to improved patient loyalty, satisfaction and health outcomes.

Secure Data Sharing

Along these lines, the board talked about the importance of improved data sharing and real-time insights. CipherHealth recently introduced Secure Data Sharing, which allows us to share our data with our customers via the cloud while maintaining strict control over data privacy, security and compliance. 

This, along with enhanced data filtering and upload capabilities, gives health systems a complete view of their patient engagement data, which can be analyzed to improve operational and clinical outcomes.

Informative Webinars

We want to thank our CAB members for sharing their expertise through webinars. Their in-depth knowledge on a diverse range of timely healthcare topics has led to an engaging and valuable educational experience for attendees. Here are two Webinars to be aware of:


Watch Replay 

Population health is a critical component to any health system’s strategy for improving outcomes and maximizing value-based care reimbursements. Research continues to demonstrate that leveraging population health strategies to engage communities in their care is key to improving overall health outcomes.

During this webinar, Michael Helle, NRP/CCP, FP-C, MHA, MBA, Director of Clinical Programs – Office of Population Health, at UCSF provided an overview of UCSF’s population health strategies including proactive post-discharge follow up and care gap outreach including positive clinical outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain insights into the components to developing a successful population health strategy
  • Explore how your population health team can leverage both care partners such as ACOs, Clinically Integrated Networks, and technology partners to drive success
  • Uncover the impact on patient outcomes when leveraging scalable outreach to assist with care transitions and care gap closure


November 15, 2023

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An integrated approach to rounding is key to driving better outcomes and experiences for staff and patients. Inova Health takes their programs beyond the bedside by rounding on staff members to augment their experience strategy.

In this webinar, leaders from Inova Health will share their approach to developing, deploying, and scaling their preceptee/preceptor rounding initiative. During this session attendees will learn how to go from pilot to system-wide staff rounding and the benefits of adding mentorship rounds to your toolkit. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain insights into the components to developing a successful preceptee/preceptor rounding program
  • Explore how to bring a fellowship rounding initiative from pilot to scale with a thoughtful, pilot-based approach 
  • Uncover the impact on patient and staff by implementing a nurse fellow preceptor/preceptee rounding program


As before, we extend our sincere  thanks to the Clinical Advisory Board members for dedicating their time and providing innovative and strategic advice.



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