Enhancing Care Coordination and Member Engagement

With our customizable and integrated technology suite, effectively engage with your members to drive better outcomes, lower costs, and increase satisfaction. Together, we can achieve cost-effective and meaningful programs that drive improvement for your member cohorts.

One Platform for Member Management & Engagement

Care Management

Care Insights

Purposeful Outreach

Automated outreach allows for customized and consistent calls, texts, and emails to members to drive engagement, education, and coordination with health services.

Care insights allows you to quickly and precisely run calculations based on defined metrics and measure to reveal insights into gaps in care, population-specific trends, and outcomes.

Care management offers clinically-validated care plans to effectively manage targeted members of your population, reduce utilization costs and drive long-term health improvements.

Managed Care Member Engagement

Across the Member Health Journey

Step 1

Members enrolled in a care management program receive a call checking in on their health status, asking general questions about their condition, and reminding them to schedule preventive screenings.

Step 2

If issues are identified on the call, care managers are alerted to address and resolve these issues with the member before an adverse events occurs.

Step 3

Advanced dashboards show population-level data in addition to individual member information, and provide actionable insights to help organizations drive programs to address high-risk members.

Reduced Costs

Proactive outreach helps prevent adverse events by encouraging members to get preventive screening and schedule follow-up appointments.

One Integrated Platform

Easily display data from multiple sources to aid in ongoing member management, monitor and address quality and compliance metrics, and deploy engagement programs.

Enhanced Quality & Efficiency

Automatically deploy scalable member engagement programs that drive better outcomes, close gaps in care, and increase member satisfaction.

As we considered potential care coordination technology partners, we made it clear that we wanted a strategic relationship; more than just a vendor. We look to companies like CipherHealth who have the foundation and drive to support our future growth.

Dr. Benjamin Berk

CEO Attuned Care

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