Achieve Superior Outcomes

CipherHealth’s product suite engages patients across the entire care continuum, in-person or via telehealth, to improve experiences, reduce readmissions, and enhance staff workflows.

Technology to drive efficiency and improve experiences

Patient Follow Up

Care Coordination

Digital Rounding

Follow-up calls keep 100% of discharged or post-visit telehealth patients engaged with customizable condition-specific calls, texts, and emails.

Care management facilitates the coordination of interdisciplinary care teams with one central solution to strengthen insight, collaboration, and communications.

Digital rounding streamlines the rounding process with customized scripts, real-time alerts, and in-depth reports for enhanced patient and staff experiences.

Patient Engagement Program

From the hospital to recovery

Step 1

During the patient’s stay, CipherHealth's digital rounding tool ensures issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Step 2

After discharge, reach out regularly to check on recovery status via customized calls, emails, or text, and intervene before an adverse event such as a readmission occurs.

Step 3

With in-depth, real-time reports from rounds and follow-up programs, identify areas to drive long-term improvements.

Better Patient Outcomes

Effective care coordination and regular check-ins ensure that patient concerns are addressed prior to an adverse event.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Adding meaningful and timely touchpoints during and after patient stays improves patient perceptions and satisfaction scores.

Enhanced Workflows

With our solutions, maximize resources to better manage care for high patient volumes, as well as, rising to high-risk patient populations.

[CipherHealth] helped us streamline workflow and maximize staff time while improving the patient's experience

Jill Kennedy

Chief Nurse Executive and VP of Patient Care Bon Secours Health System

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