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Join CipherHealth at AMGA 2017 to learn more about using point-of-care technology to drive patient loyalty

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This month, we are thrilled to be showcasing our patient engagement and care coordination solutions at the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) Annual Conference. In particular, we want to highlight two solutions that are very popular for uncovering opportunity areas for organizations in real-time: CipherRounds and CipherKiosk.

Both CipherRounds and CipherKiosk are point of care solutions that are typically used on handheld tablets such as iPad devices. (CipherKiosk is also administered via kiosks or device stands.) In contrast to CipherRounds’ end users, which are staff members, CipherKiosk’s end users are typically patients.

CipherRounds is CipherHealth’s digital rounding solution designed to bring efficiency, visibility, and accountability to the rounding process. Typically, large organizations use digital rounding solutions to report on various types of rounds or processes occurring throughout an organization.

In the ambulatory setting, Joint Commission readiness rounds, staff rounds, and Environment-of-Care rounds are the most popular. Real-time alerts and comprehensive reports enable physician groups to quickly identify opportunity areas for their organization uncovered through these rounding initiatives. For example, physician group executives may wish to export or view the number of rounds performed at various sites in real-time. They may also wish to see negative response trends for an employee engagement question such as “do you feel you have the tools you need to do your job?”

CipherKiosk is CipherHealth’s patient-facing survey solution. The solution was designed to address the challenge presented by performing patient rounds in a setting in which average patient encounters are much shorter compared to hospital “stays”. Furthermore, physician groups are often dissatisfied with CAHPS participation rates, the manner in which CAHPS data is presented, and/or the timeliness of CAHPS data reports.

CipherKiosk enables more patient responses in real-time and faster service recovery. For example, for post-visit surveys, patients have the option of providing their phone number if they would like someone to reach out to them about their experience. In addition to receiving real-time notifications on these patients, staff members may also choose to utilize rule-based alerts for certain questions, such as whether a staff member updated them on their wait time.

The same comprehensive reporting options available to CipherRounds administrators are also available for CipherKiosk administrators: real-time dashboards, real-time exports (in formats such as CSV files), and push email reports. For example, some of CipherKiosk clients like to receive weekly PDF report packages with survey activity comparisons, responses by physician, free text comments from patients, and positive or negative responses to questions by site.
For more information regarding how CipherRounds or CipherKiosk might be able to help your organization, download the CiperKiosk product overview or the CipherRounds product overview. We hope to see you at our booth!

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