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CipherHealth Announces Self-Service Rounding, Giving Patients Autonomy and Taking Aim at Staff Burnout


New solution allows patients to provide feedback to hospitals about their care on their own device, at their own pace.

NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2024 — CipherHealth, a recognized leader and innovator in patient-centered communications, engagement, and insights for the nation’s leading healthcare systems, today announced a new Self-Service Rounding solution. The solution provides another key tool to hospitals to better empower patients, combat staff burnout, provide more personalized care, and improve workflows.

The solution aims to revolutionize patient care and change rounding culture by giving power and voice to patients. By placing an emphasis on patient agency and real-time feedback, Self-Service Rounding allows patients to self-report issues and feedback in the moment. In turn, hospital leaders are able to react faster and get valuable insights into the issues that matter most to patients.

Self-Service Rounding runs on CipherHealth’s CipherConnect web modality, allowing for accountless web-based access on a patient’s own device, accessed by a QR code or SMS link.  Through easy web-based access, Self-Service Rounding delivers on a growing patient desire for convenience and control over their own health. Much like self-checkout systems, travel booking, or food delivery ordering, this product empowers patients to self-report feedback when they want to, using their own device.

“Patients want greater control over their own health. They’re also seeking more convenience and opportunities for asynchronous communication. Simply put, if a patient wants to provide feedback to their providers, they should be able to do so in that moment,” said CipherHealth Senior Vice President of Product Suzie Sfarra. “Through this solution, we’re providing meaningful paths to patient satisfaction, all without sacrificing experience—and while critically reducing burdens on already overloaded frontline nurses.”

The solution is not meant to replace valuable face-to-face nurse and nurse leader rounding exercises, which offer invaluable patient touchpoints, but to augment those interactions and put the power into patients’ hands to self-report feedback and experiences. By finding a balance between staff-led digital rounding and self-led rounding, hospital leaders can prioritize staff well-being, while also being able to address patient issues immediately before they affect satisfaction metrics.

Most importantly, the solution allows healthcare organizations to make data-driven decisions. With the ability to gather real-time data, hospitals and clinics can better identify trends in patient satisfaction as well as operational challenges, enabling swift improvements rather than waiting for lagging patient data. Meanwhile, self-service rounding responses can inform overall rounding priorities and, when paired with responses from traditional in-person rounding, create a holistic view of patient experience.

As healthcare goals evolve, the questions can be promptly modified, aligning with ever-changing patient needs. This flexibility helps hospital and healthcare systems break down communication barriers and better understand the concerns of their entire patient population.

Self-Service Rounding is applicable to a broad range of healthcare settings, including inpatient units, emergency departments, and ambulatory care. It facilitates smoother check-in processes, prepares patients for discharge, and improves overall patient satisfaction.

The solution will be generally available in Q2 2024. To learn more, click here.

Read the full press release here.

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