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CipherHealth AI Solutions

Patient-Centered, Care Team Connected Experiences Driven by Generative AI

Imagine a future where human-centric healthcare combines with cutting-edge technology and data-driven intelligence to reshape the healthcare industry and experience.
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It’s time for a new era of patient-centered care. One that prioritizes making every interaction personalized, informed, and continuous, empowering patients as drivers of their own care and fundamentally transforming their interactions with healthcare organizations and care teams.
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See Recent Interactions

View recent patient rounding history to prepare for rounds.

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View AI Insights

Access summaries of previous interactions generated by AI to save time during rounds, enabling deeper connections and having more time for personalized conversation.

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Provide Feedback

Rate the AI summary and provide comments to train the model.

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Access Patient Rounding Response Analysis

See sentiment to understand patterns across patient populations and identify areas of opportunity.

Deliver boundless, patient-centered communications

Proactive, data-driven outreach creates patients that feel they are truly known by their care teams. The end result? Higher adherence rates, fewer readmissions, and improved patient outcomes.

Give patients the ability to access care on their terms, so healthcare professionals can elevate patient experience to cultivate brand loyalty and cut network leakage.

When patients are engaged as partners with medical providers, the benefits go far beyond health outcomes, keeping patients in network, reducing no-shows, and lessening preventable readmissions.

Healthcare faces a historic labor shortage. Automating workflows and using generative AI tools to surface contextual insights all meaningfully improve the experience of frontline healthcare employees so they can manage by exception, spending time with patients that need it most.
Start using AI to personalize patient communications and transform care team workflows today