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CipherHealth Launches AI Summaries to Transform Patient Rounding

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New tool delivers easy-to-read patient data summaries, prioritizing patient-centered care

NEW YORK, June 13, 2024 — CipherHealth, a recognized leader and innovator in patient-centered communications and insights for the nation’s leading healthcare systems, today announced the launch of AI Summaries for its rounding toolkit, CipherRounds. Harnessing the power of generative AI, the new solution elevates and personalizes interactions by seamlessly surfacing contextual insights for providers at the point of care.

Traditionally, rounding staff must navigate various tools and platforms to gather comprehensive patient histories – a process that is both time-consuming and prone to errors. AI Summaries simplifies this by aggregating patient data into a unified, easily accessible snapshot. Healthcare teams can now quickly gain a holistic view of a patient’s experience and current status before each interaction, ensuring effective communication and improved patient satisfaction and trust.

Ai Summaries Screenshot

“With the rise of generative AI, we’re entering a new era of patient-centered communications that leverages innovative technologies to put patients more firmly in control of their care journeys,” said Suzie Sfarra, CipherHealth SVP of Product. “AI Summaries not only revolutionizes how providers use patient data to enhance care quality and operational efficiency, but also makes every interaction personalized, informed, and human.”

AI Summaries tackles common rounding pain points such as complex data management, staff burnout, and patient frustration with its suite of AI-enabled capabilities, including:

  • Clear and concise summaries of patient histories
  • Inform talking points based on patients’ specific health journeys and current needs
  • Insights on specific aspects of patient care or experience that need attention
  • Real-time data accessibility across a centralized platform to prevent information gaps and support timely interventions
  • Seamless information flow to streamline preparation, save time on data gathering, and focus more on direct patient care

“CipherHealth’s new AI Summaries solution allows staff to anticipate patient needs before entering the room, significantly improving care delivery,” said Jason Coffey RN, MSN, System Director, Employee Experience at Kentucky-based healthcare system Norton Healthcare. “The tailored, concise summaries are particularly valued for eliminating redundancy and providing both granular insights and a holistic view of the patient. In addition to our ability to deliver personalized, efficient care, this new tool enhances the employee experience by giving our staff time back to spend meaningfully with patients.”

AI Summaries is available now. To learn more, click here.

Read the full press release here.

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