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Employee Spotlight Series: Juliet Glidden

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This post is a part of our new employee spotlight series. In this series, we have various members of the CipherHealth team share their experiences, advice, and personal interests. For more information on how you can join our team, visit our careers page.

What is your role within CipherHealth? 

I am a part of our product team and serve as the product manager of our outreach and recorded care instruction technologies. As a product manager, I work with various stakeholders to shape the future of the product, helping it to grow and become more useful for patients and providers.

Could you walk us through a day in your role?
My day starts by collaborating with the developers to align on what they have completed and what is still on their to-do lists. I typically talk with my team about the features they’re working on and questions they might have about them. As we develop new features it is helpful to ensure everyone understands the overall purpose and goal to ensure the end result will have the best possible impact for our customers. Typically I will start testing any new features and work with various team members to QA. I might also plan out the roadmap of the product across quarters, meet with internal users implementing the product, and help the team demo our products and features.

What is your favorite thing about working at CipherHealth?
The people! Everyone at CipherHealth has very diverse backgrounds but we all come together on a shared goal to improve healthcare delivery.

Can you tell us about a fun project you have worked on recently?
This isn’t recent, but a while back I was able to help in the implementation of our first large-scale appointment reminders solutions. As a product manager, I love to explore the way our products can help in new ways. By innovating on how we can help providers better communicate with patients, I am also expanding my own knowledge of healthcare. This collaborative process allows me to utilize my technical and creative skills while helping to achieve our overall company goals.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in a healthcare career?
There are so many areas of healthcare and always more to learn. I started out working at a clinic doing community health outreach and education such as diabetes classes, nutrition cooking classes, smoking cessation, teen health and more. After that, I worked at a hospital in Camden NJ helping out with an initiative looking at claims data to lower hospital readmission rates by targeting patients that spent the most time at the hospital and then using care management practices to supply them with better care. Helping to provide first-hand care fostered my passion for healthcare that I made sure to seek out a public health + technology graduate program, that ultimately led me CipherHealth.

There are so many avenues to explore in healthcare. It is a truly fascinating and important industry. For anyone just starting their career, my greatest advice is to have patience. Healthcare doesn’t always move as quickly as you may want it to, but with perseverance and patience, you can make a positive impact.

And finally, what do you like to do outside of CipherHealth?
Outside of CipherHealth you can typically find me exercising or cooking. My favorite exercise classes include lift, barre, and spin. My favorite food is soup and I really enjoy making all types of soups year round and I love to challenge myself to recreate dishes I’ve tried at restaurants or other peoples’ homes.


Juliet Glidden is a Product Manager at CipherHealth.

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