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CipherHealth User Conference Knowledge Share: Improving Patient Outcomes with Superior Bedside Engagement

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This is part one in a series of blog posts sharing insights from CipherHealth’s first annual User Conference on Excellence and Innovation, which highlighted clients who have achieved excellence in outcomes and deployed CipherHealth solutions in innovative ways.

As CipherHealth’s premier digital rounding solution, CipherRounds improves communication at the point of care by proactively identifying and resolving patient concerns. Although CipherRounds programs have traditionally focused on patient experience rounds, healthcare organizations across the country have customized CipherHealth’s digital rounding software to meet a variety of organizational priorities.

At CipherHealth’s User Conference on Excellence & Innovation, speakers on the Innovative CipherRounds Use Cases Panel discussed the strategic ways that healthcare organizations have leveraged CipherRounds to solve operational challenges, improve care quality, and enhance care transitions. The goal of this panel was to provide attendees with inspiration, ideas, and tactical tips on utilizing CipherHealth’s digital rounding solution to address a variety of organizational needs.

  • Joy Burt, Manager of Patient Experience Improvement at Akron Children’s Hospital, shared how her organization leverages CipherRounds to integrate its volunteer services team into purposeful rounding processes. During conversations with patients and families, rounders are able to send an alert in real-time notifying the volunteer services team to bring in fun services (doggie brigade, coloring books, etc.) to improve the patient experience.
  • John Dodd, Program Manager of Patient Experience and Engagement at the University of Alabama-Birmingham Health System, spoke about his organization’s many audit programs. Each inpatient unit at UAB conducts daily multi-disciplinary rounds (also known as “transitions of care” rounds) on every admitted patient, bringing together nurses, care coordinators, and other members of the patient’s healthcare team to discuss the patient’s plan of care. The quality team audits those rounds via CipherRounds to ensure that all the necessary components agreed upon as an organization are in place. These validations include confirming if all participants are present, “anticipated date of discharge” is communicated for each patient, as well as ensuring that care managers are able to express their concerns. Then, this data is reported via dashboards to ensure compliance across units.
  • Katie Metzger, Director of Patient and Customer Experience at Southside Hospital (part of 23-hospital system Northwell Health), detailed her organization’s use of CipherRounds to round on Emergency Department holding patients. With high numbers and long waits, patients frequently experienced lack of privacy, food, and information. By leveraging CipherHealth’s digital rounding software, staff members are empowered to proactively address concerns and set patient expectations. Katie went on to highlight how the CipherRounds solution has dramatically improved satisfaction scores, remarking, “We couldn’t have done it without CipherHealth. CipherRounds made the difference.”
  • Misty Bevard-Pierce, Director of Care Experience at Henry Ford Hospital and Health Network, spoke about leveraging CipherRounds as her organization’s “secret sauce”. In analyzing their rounding data, leaders found that units with >50% of patients receiving an experience round (rounding quantity) as well as >50% script completion and 2+ ‘opportunity areas’ (rounding quality) saw an increase in HCAHPS scores, especially for the Nursing Communication domain. Misty also detailed her organization’s plans to pursue a shadow observation checklist to ensure that staff are adhering to key behaviors when interacting with patients.

In addition to sharing these aspects of their rounding programs, panelists discussed how they leveraged CipherHealth’s digital rounding software to further their organizational goals by conducting patient advocate rounds, traditional staff rounds, and clinical protocol quality audits. For more information on these programs, access our resources and reach out to your Strategic Advisor.

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