Improve Care Delivery Within Your ACO

Moderate to high-risk patients require comprehensive care management to ensure they stay on the road to recovery. CipherHealth’s integrated solutions provide real-time provider collaboration and reliable patient outreach.

Technology that drives efficiency across complex organizations

Care Coordination

Care Insights

Automated Outreach

View Care Coordination helps manage interdisciplinary care teams with one central solution to strengthen insight, collaboration, and communications.

View Care Insights allow teams to effectively gather and interpret data from multiple sources to reveal health trends and gaps.

Voice Automated Outreach provides the flexibility to reach high patient volumes without losing the personal touch through standard appointment reminders and tailored multi-touch follow-up programs.

Rising-Risk Patient Engagement Program

Staying on the path to wellness

Step 1

Patient is assigned a multidisciplinary care team to plan and monitor their care following hospitalization.

Step 2

The patient receives a call as frequently as required to monitor his or her health status.

Step 3

Should a concern arise on any of the calls, care team members are immediately notified to coordinate efforts and resolve the issue.

Better Patient Outcomes

Effective care coordination and regular check-ins ensure that patient concerns are addressed prior to an adverse event.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Adding meaningful and timely touch points in-between visits improves patient perceptions and satisfaction levels.

Enhanced Efficiency

With our solutions, better manage rising to high-risk patient populations with your available resources.

View enables us not only to understand longitudinal data for one patient, but also to visualize the types of care delivered to larger patient populations. It helps us know how to deliver the right care, in the right place, by the right person.

Gina Intinarelli, RN PhD

Executive Director of Population Health and Accountable Care UCSF Health

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