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Staff Rounding

Retain and attract leadership and nursing staff by showing them their safety, well-being and satisfaction is a priority

Screen Employee Engagement 2x

Implement a staff rounding program to address employee concerns, provide essential resources and ensure staff have what they need so they can be available to patients.

Monitor and address staff well-being

Improve staff engagement to address personal or professional concerns and ensure they have the resources and support they need.

Be more

Foster a culture based on open communication and employee engagement to promote coordination among each care team and make necessary changes to optimize workflows

Drive lasting quality and safety protocols

Gather and act on information about employee safety, patient safety, resources, equipment, staffing levels and other essential areas.

Provide motivation and recognition

Offer staff the opportunity to nominate their colleagues for recognition and allow patients to send Caregrams to share their appreciation.

Attract and retain
the best talent

Drive hiring, staff retention and satisfaction by demonstrating a commitment to staff engagement, employee retention, and development.

Create a culture of transparency

Show staff that you’re not only ready to discuss potential shortcomings but will also systematically address them.

Increase employee satisfaction and retain the best talent today

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Set your staff up for success, reinforce skills, and ensure compliance