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Patient Rounding

Improve patient care by modernizing and streamlining rounding processes

Screen Patient Discharge Preparation Rounding 2x

Digital, purposeful rounding enhances patients’ experiences throughout their hospital stay, improves clinical outcomes and gives healthcare staff members more time so they can focus on the patients who need them.

Standardize and formalize data

Create a consistent, coordinated approach across care teams, improve data analysis, and reveal important opportunity areas and patient care steps.

Act on patient feedback in real time

See how patients respond to survey questions throughout their stay, enabling quick follow-up and issue resolution.

Enhance the patient experience

Understand and address patient safety, environmental and dietary issues as they arise, improving patient outcomes and overall satisfaction.

Intervene when it matters most

Receive tailored alerts that enable quick service recovery and use actionable, data-driven insights to prevent avoidable adverse events.

Save your
staff time

Improve staff satisfaction by providing the tools to optimize their workflow and, in turn, prioritize their relationships with patients.

Celebrate staff achievement

Show appreciation and recognition through Caregrams, improving morale, increasing engagement and decreasing turnover of healthcare staff.

Create opportunities for meaningful patient engagement and service recovery

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Improve communication for healthier, happier patients