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What It Means to Partner With CipherHealth

In the video, hear from CipherHealth customers on what it is like to partner with our team on various patient engagement initiatives.

CipherHealth’s Quality as a Partner and a Product:

Alan Dubovsky, Chief Patient Experience Officer at Cedars Sinai Medical Center: “The CipherHealth Team has just been there for anything we’ve needed along the way, whether it’s a report or a data set, or a quick change to our question, or honestly even hey can you come down to LA and help us ramp up a whole new service. The response time has been amazing, the actual quality of the product we’re using is incredible and above all else the people we work with at CipherHealth have been nice and friendly and incredible partners in this journey.”

Allessa Coffey Senior Director of Human Resources Strategy & Patient Experience at Banner Health: “One of the reasons we looked to CipherHealth in that journey was really possibility. That we were starting with what we knew was our initial goal and problem to solve, but we knew that would open a lot of doors to new things and it was also going to lead us to a lot of other challenges that we needed a company that could be flexible and agile to work with us.

Kitty Mckay, Director of Customer Experience at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center: “I would describe the partnership with CipherHealth today and seeing all these other people that are so grateful for the tools and how useful the tools are for them. It just really reaffirms our commitment and our gratitude for how well the tools work.”

CipherHealth as an Innovator:

Deborah Young, Manager of Service Excellence at Sutter Independent Physicians: “Cipher has been so supportive for us because again we’re always needing to change things a little bit and they’ve been nothing but supportive so we’re not getting the ‘No we can’t do that for you’ we’re getting the ‘Let’s see how we can make that work for you’.

Andrea Burch, Chief Operations and Nursing Officer at SCL Health Lutheran Medical Center: “The partnership with CipherHealth really has been excellent over the years, the willingness to try new ideas, use your product in new ways that haven’t been done in other facilities, and that willingness to be innovative has also been an excellent part of the experience.

We may throw a curveball like ‘Can you please redo this, can we change that script for the 15th time?’ you know what they’re always happy to accommodate with a smile on their face and very responsive. Cipher has been one of the highest performing partners as a vendor. You know a lot of times hospitals will contract with different vendors and they are not quite so user friendly, or not so partnering, or not so responsive, and sometimes it can be painful to work with and that has never been the experience with CipherHealth”.