Complex Care Management & Coordination

Reducing the cost of care for the most complex patients and populations while improving patient engagement and team coordination is a priority for most acute and non-acute organizations.

Care Management and Coordination Technology

Patient Communication and Education

Care Gaps Analysis & Data

Care Management & Coordination

CipherHealth’s comprehensive platform allows your multidisciplinary teams to coordinate care, manage high patient volumes, and communicate effectively to, improve care transitions and follow-up processes for their patients.

For Patients

When patients are engaged proactively with timely and meaningful interventions they are more likely to get well and stay well.

For Providers

With insights into population-level care gaps and an effective care coordination and communications technology, it becomes possible to engage high- and rising-risk populations effectively.

Patient Journey

Across the Care Continuum

Step 1

Based on their clinical data and dialogue with care teams, the patient is enrolled in a customized care plan that best meets their needs

Step 2

The patient is assigned a multidisciplinary care team that delivers coordinated care through tasks and assessments that keep them engaged

Step 3

As the patient’s needs evolve, interventions can be added, modified and prioritized to ensure that the care team provides optimal care



Decrease in Ortho BPCI readmissions rate at a 390-bed hospital


Reduction in HIV readmissions at a 542-bed academic medical center.


Decrease in readmissions rates at UPenn Home Care

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