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The Power of a Unified Rounding and Outreach Solution

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Improving communications and the care individuals receive as they move through their care journey helps patients manage their health and results in significant savings for health systems.1 A key investment you can make to deliver impactful, patient-centered experiences is to know your patients better by maintaining continuity of experience throughout each moment of the care transition.1

Close Care Gaps

Clear and consistent communication with patients is crucial for care plan adherence, yet gaps remain across many health systems. CipherHealth provides a seamless way of ushering patients from rounding through discharge, follow-up outreach, and even scheduling for preventative health exams. Communicate with patients on their terms by delivering important health information via their preferred modality and engage patients, staff, families and communities to enable even better care outcomes.

Key Benefits:


Reach Patients at Scale

• Flexible, multi-purpose solutions grow with you as your needs evolve
• Manage large volumes of data without straining your IT resources

Optimize Staff Efficiency

• Automate outreach to reduce administrative tasks so your staff can focus on higher priority actions
• Future-proof your investment with a solution that was expressly built for patient communications

Report and Analyze

• Take quick action in response to reporting, evaluating trends to optimize outreach programs
• Review patient activity and areas of highest/lowest engagement

Deliver Personalized Care

• Reference data from previous interactions within a single platform and adjust care plans accordingly
• Deliver richer and more personalized care that drives engagement at scale

Manage High-Risk Populations

• Create meaningful touchpoints with customizable scripts to include condition- and symptom-specific questions
• Configure message cadences to drive patient engagement among this expensive patient population

Reduce Avoidable Readmissions

• Easily contact all patients post-discharge, post-visit, or during home care episodes with scripts tailored to each patient population
• Prevent avoidable readmissions, deliver better transitional care management and reduce utilization costs with in-depth reports and flags

Drive Patient Loyalty

• Gain a competitive advantage by delivering superior patient experiences
• Send preventative health messaging to recruit patients for new screenings and appointments, increase patient touchpoints and loyalty to the health system

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Meaningfully connect with your patients to deliver more personalized, intelligent and timely care at scale