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Transforming Patient Care with AI: How CipherHealth’s GenAI Summaries Enhance Rounding

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Providing personalized patient care can often feel like a constant challenge for many health care teams. Staff members must sort through a variety of systems and lengthy pages of documentation to gather information about each patient. Unfortunately, these systems frequently lack critical pieces of information that make patient care feel truly personalized.  Without understanding what is most important to the patient, they are often asked to repeat the same information multiple times, leading to diminished trust and increased dissatisfaction.

CipherHealth solves this problem using generative AI to provide summary insights about patients to help staff personalize their interactions. Here’s how.

The importance of Generative AI Summaries in patient rounding

CipherHealth’s GenAI Summaries aggregate data from multiple sources into a unified, easily accessible snapshot. This AI-driven approach provides rounders with a holistic view of a patient’s history and current status before each interaction. This preparation enables providers to tailor their conversations based on the patient’s specific health journey, previously identified service recovery challenges, current needs, and other valuable health information. For example, if a patient has previously expressed concerns about a particular medication, the provider can address these concerns directly, demonstrating that the patient’s voice is heard and valued

Real-time service recovery and opportunity identification

GenAI Summaries empower healthcare teams to identify and act on key opportunity areas for real-time service recovery. By highlighting specific aspects of patient care that require attention, nurses can promptly address issues, enhancing patient satisfaction and care quality. 

Reducing the administrative burden and alleviating burnout

The complexity and redundancy of tasks related to accessing patient data can contribute to staff burnout. GenAI Summaries ease the process of data collection and management, reducing the time and effort required to gather patient information before each interaction. Providers can focus more on direct patient care, which can improve job satisfaction, overall well-being, and clinical outcomes.

Seamless information flow for consistent care 

Our generative AI solution facilitates a seamless flow of information across different departments. This cohesive approach ensures that care teams have access to the same comprehensive patient data, reducing the risk of miscommunication and errors. As a result, patients receive more consistent care and experience a smoother, more coordinated healthcare journey. 

Generative AI addresses the challenges of fragmented data, empowering  providers to focus on what truly matters – delivering personalized care to their patients across all steps of their care journey. Every patient is unique, and this innovative capability allows for tailored care, creating  more opportunities to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.


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