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One System, Fewer Clicks: The Benefits of Scalable Integrations

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At CipherHealth, we know our customers use multiple technology vendors and solutions and that having each of those systems integrated is a top priority among health systems. The reason? Without connectivity, key data — from patient records to operational requests — is siloed, leading to disjointed and unsatisfying experiences for both staff and patients. Indeed, 63% of healthcare leaders reported inconsistent experiences across interaction points to be a significant or extreme challenge to their organization.

We also know budgets are tight. Looking forward, health systems need to cut expenses wherever they can — one way is through vendor consolidation. Instead of using many point solutions that only address a single pain point or business problem, health systems need as few solutions as possible that are optimized and well connected.

Moving beyond the EHR

Health systems working to create a cohesive healthcare experience need one-to-many integration capabilities that compliment their existing technology infrastructure. For some time, we have already supported integrations across more than 85 EHRs, and we’ve built specific solutions, i.e., EHR Activation Gateway, that automatically populates clinical data in the patient record so time-strapped staff don’t have to redouble their efforts.

Addressing unnecessary software — and the duplicative administrative work is leads to — is imperative. It’s predicted that 47% of US healthcare workers plan to leave their current role within the next two to three years, exacerbating current shortages. With remaining staff left to do more with less support, healthcare systems need time-saving workflows that will help deliver better patient care.

CipherHealth’s capabilities have moved beyond the EHR to establish continuous-loop communications with a growing list of vendors that are used throughout a hospital. CipherHealth’s interoperability now extends to:

  • Employee Recognition Systems: Celebrate your staff by automatically sending Caregrams from CipherRounds to your employee recognition systems.
  • Ticketing Systems: Funnel alerts and requests into a range of ticketing systems to notify the appropriate resources in real-time, without needing a nurse intermediary, for faster issue resolution.
  • Risk and Safety Management Systems: Capture patient incidents to ensure safety concerns can be monitored in the health system’s preferred risk management system.
  • Facilities Management Systems: Flag issues in various areas of the health system and surface them for quick resolution within a facilities management system.

The value of integration

CipherHealth’s product suite directly addresses operational issues with digital tools implemented by health systems across the pre-care, point-of-care and post-care settings. Integration and communication between disparate apps, platforms and systems is crucial in order to scale for efficiency. By connecting multiple technology solutions through one point, health systems are poised to:

  • Reduce IT complexity: Accommodate a wide range of third-party solutions to save time during implementation and streamline ongoing maintenance.
  • Rapidly deploy new integrations: Add solutions to your tech stack quickly, using a repeatable process that scales across your health system and reduces maintenance.
  • Simplify staff workflows: Reduce clicks and redundant data entry, while also increasing accuracy, by automating data sharing across your technology solutions.
  • Report and analyze: View engagement activity and evaluate trends to optimize programs across patient populations for better clinical and operational results.

Bottom line: it’s time for health systems to address the friction that results from bloated tech stacks, siloed data and disconnected interactions. Through strategic investment in fewer point solutions that are integrated, health systems can improve workflow experiences for staff and drive more seamless experiences for patients.


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