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Leverage the Power of Secure Data Sharing for Better Care Delivery

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It goes without saying that in order to foster a culture of continuous improvement, health systems need access to their patients’ data. Data-driven trend identification can help them make nuanced, informed decisions about resource allocation and process improvement. The ability to view and dig deeper into Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data, in combination with other clinical data, means they can gain greater insights into how to deliver better patient care. 

However, providers face significant challenges in tracking, managing and synthesizing an overwhelming volume of data. Manual exports slow system performance, and data is fragmented or  becomes outdated during the transfer and sharing process. The reason? It takes time for a health system to request reports from a 3rd party and make it usable in their data warehouse. At this point, data can be stale  before the health system even has the chance to make use of it. 

In addition, there’s the risk of interception since reports have to be manually requested and sent, rather than the health system having direct access to the secure cloud storage in a data warehouse. What’s missing is a straight-forward solution to access existing data so that health systems can leverage the analytics and make well-informed decisions

Secure Data Sharing with CipherHealth

That’s where CipherHealth comes in. Secure Data Sharing allows CipherHealth to directly share our data with our customers via the cloud while maintaining strict control over data privacy, security and compliance. This replaces manual data exports and SFTP data sharing. Our cloud-based solution integrates with Snowflake® Data Warehouse while also providing a secure connection to EHRs, other data warehouses and business intelligence solutions like Tableau. 

Why is this important? Health systems gain a complete view of their patient engagement data in the context of their other datasets in secure cloud storage, which can be analyzed to improve operational and clinical outcomes. This immediate access to data —across departments, encounters, interactions, units, patient demographics and issues— means health systems identify micro or macro trends, enabling them to make targeted changes and improve the overall patient experience. In addition, automated data sharing saves IT staff time by reducing burdensome manual processes and the need for ongoing maintenance.

CipherHealth’s Secure Data Sharing solution delivers: 

  • Timely data access: Get data when you need it, on your preferred schedule, eliminating the need for slow, manual exports.
  • Customizable workflows: Broad access to datasets can be tailored to create metrics that align with your health system’s objectives for measuring progress. 
  • Multiple data sharing models: Support direct sharing or reader access to data warehouse and visualization applications, even if your health system doesn’t have a Snowflake account.
  • Industry-leading security: Ensure data is protected using strict encryption and user authentication standards to safeguard it against unauthorized access.

By providing a 360° view of their own data, health systems have the power to assess and improve operational and clinical performance across their system. They can address issues related to SDOH — from analyzing demographic and socioeconomic data to creating interventions and resources for those who need them the most. 

The bottom line? Giving health systems control of their patient engagement data and the ability to create custom reports means they can identify key trends and gain actionable insights — allowing them to adapt, innovate and consistently improve the quality of care they provide to their patients.


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