How Echo Improves Patient Outcomes


At the time of discharge, it is important for patients and caretakers to be engaged as nurses and doctors tell them what is necessary for the patient to get better. Unfortunately, patients and caretakers are more interested in getting home and out of the hospital. This subsequently causes confusion and can often time lead to patient readmission.

Echo provides a solution so that the nurses can record their instructions with the patients, and the patients can listen to the recording when they need to be reminded of their instructions. By giving patients control over when they hear their instructions, there is a better chance that they will understand and take action to facilitate their healing.

This type of control empowers not only the patients, but also their caregivers both of whom might feel overwhelmed at the list of medication or tasks to keep in mind. Overall the continuity of care is improved and the patient is able to get better faster while being less likely to be readmitted to the hospital.

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