Henry Ford to Share Best Practices for Achieving Organizational Goals at Partners in Excellence Conference

Refreshing Your CipherRounds Program: Best Practices to Achieving Organizational Goals

Vanessa Mona

Director, Care Experience, Henry Ford Health System


After Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) implemented a digital rounding program with CipherRounds, the organization became frustrated as their goals were still escaping them. As with many healthcare initiatives, the technology was only a piece of the puzzle. To meet their rounding expectations, HFHS understood that beyond technology, they needed to hardwire a culture of purposeful rounding and implement lasting processes that would deliver their desired success.

In this session, “Refreshing Your CipherHealth Rounding Programs: Best Practices to Achieving Organizational Goals, Vanessa Mona will share how her team improved the effectiveness of organization-wide rounding initiatives by standardizing the program.

Today, digital rounding is a cornerstone of Henry Ford’s patient engagement strategy. “Too often, medical professionals lose their sensitivity for how scary the hospital truly can be,” Vanessa explains in an interview with Patient Engagement Health IT. “If we can help mitigate some of that avoidable suffering, that’s what our ultimate goal is for the patient experience. We want to make sure that we can not only clinically take care of them the best that we possibly can, but also help them on that more personal level, giving them that experience.” With CipherRounds, Henry Ford ensures that each and every patient interaction is meaningful.

Attendees of this session will uncover the difference between purposeful and drive-by rounding and how to set up their CipherRounds programs for unparalleled success. See the full agenda for Partners in Excellence by clicking here, or the button below.


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