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Get More out of Epic with CipherHealth

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Health systems make significant investments in their EHR systems, as they serve as foundational technology for managing patient care. Clinicians prefer the efficiency of working within a unified dashboard, like Epic, to efficiently review patient data, and IT teams want to maximize the use of this core technology in their tech stack. Any solutions that add complementary services must be interoperable to facilitate seamless communications by funneling data into the system of record.

CipherHealth’s patient engagement platform integrates directly with Epic, creating comprehensive patient views by combining conversational, contextual data with clinical data in a single pane of glass. Our solution closes communication gaps and streamlines clinical workflows through reliable delivery of messages that originate from Epic and maps data received from patients back into the patient’s record. Our commitment to expanding interoperability with Epic saves staff time, improves patient experience, and provides near real-time access to information to expedite patient follow up and access detailed reporting to track business metrics.

Integrate CipherHealth’s platform into Epic workflows to:


1. Expedite patient outreach and improve outcomes

Near real-time integration with Epic allows care team members, regardless of care setting, to quickly review and prioritize their follow-up actions to address issues before they escalate, avoiding hospital readmissions and keeping patients where they want to be — at home.

2. Increase staff satisfaction and simplify workflows

Resolve a major clinical pain point by automatically funneling data to Epic so clinicians can minimize switching between multiple systems.

3. Add value to your EHR investment

Our flexible, multi-purpose solution scales to meet the needs of any size organization and fills communication gaps with comprehensive patient engagement programs that are complementary to Epic communications.

Key Benefits:


1. Enhance clinical workflows:

• Funnel patient responses from post-discharge outreach calls directly into Epic, surfacing data to care teams in near real-time in a single unified view
• Reduce readmissions by facilitating faster interventions for patients that require urgent follow up

2. Improve staff satisfaction and retention:

• Decrease staff frustration by automatically sending patient outreach responses to the patient’s record in Epic
• Avoid duplicate data entry or errors by minimizing the need to switch between different systems

3. Scalable technology for multiple use cases:

• Flexible, multi-purpose solutions grow with you as your patient communications needs evolve
• Reach patients across the spectrum of care, during pre-care, point-of-care, and post-care stages, both inside and outside the hospital walls

4. Report and analyze:

• Identify areas for troubleshooting with visibility into engagement activity
• Evaluate trends to optimize outreach programs across patient populations for better clinical results

Get started today: Contact us at CipherHealth to speak with us about integrating patient engagement solutions into your existing Epic workflows.


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