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Why Do I Need a Patient Engagement Platform?

Why Do I Need A Platform Blog

In the second installment of the CipherHealth video series, our CEO Jake Pyles and CMO Jim Somers talk about the value a patient engagement platform brings to health systems — from creating opportunities to retain more patients to reducing the administrative burden on staff and improving operations and efficiency. 

Read on for key excerpts and watch the full video here. 

Why Do I Need A Platform Vid

On Cultivating Patient Loyalty

Jake: “You are keeping the patient engaged at all times during the health care journey, and in many ways, you’re keeping them engaged in the network.” [0:46] 

On Automating Repetitive Tasks and Addressing Staff Burnout

“This is one way to tackle it: by using technology via a patient engagement platform to eliminate some of that work.” [1:40]

On Gaining Unique Insights Via Patient Engagement 

“Guiding and directing where you make improvements to workflows based on what you’re getting from a patient engagement platform like Cipher can uniquely position you to improve your operations, become more efficient and do more with less.” [2:33]


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