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Challenges and Opportunities in Patient Engagement: In Conversation With CipherHealth

Challenges And Opportunities Video Blog

In the first of a specially-produced CipherHealth video series, our CEO Jake Pyles and CMO Jim Somers sit down to discuss the challenges Jake is hearing from health systems on the ground – staff burnout, consumerism, and a change in competitive landscape – and how to tackle them. Jake shares what he hears about changing patient expectations, and how CipherHealth can help health systems build patient loyalty

Read on for key excerpts and watch the full video here.

Challenges And Opportunities Vid

On the nursing crisis and staff burnout 

“The technology [health systems] had put in place across the care continuum—the collage, using 10-15 vendors—is not providing what a nurse needs to do her job more effectively. Nurses, at the end of the day, want to be clinical care providers, they don’t want to be doing administrative tasks… It is just inefficient. Technology can be used to take those administrative tasks off their plates.” [See it at 1:36 in the video]

On the changing competitive landscape

“It is clear the primary care model is being disrupted. We believe that he who has the primary care relationship with the patient is going to understand a lot about what that patient needs, wants and with that understanding, they are going to be able to steer and guide and direct where they go for additional services.” [See it at 3:40 in the video]

On how COVID-19 has changed decision-making in healthcare 

“COVID has exposed the fragility and, in some ways, the bureaucracy of the system. You’ve seen a lot of systems rethink how they go about making decisions. When you look at pre-COVID, there were a lot of committees involved in decision-making. You’ve seen some of that break down through COVID because you can’t go through the committee decision-making process when you need to make decisions in days, not weeks.” [See it at 4:52 in the video]

On why healthcare systems should look to CipherHealth to manage key areas of clinical workflows 

“We have over a decade working in key areas like rounding and post-discharge outreach, a deep history of understanding what works and doesn’t work in those respective areas. We have been working on compiling and building a best practices approach to those two areas and will be expanding to other areas.” [See it at 6:50 in the video]


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