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Attract and Retain Staff by Showing Them Their Safety, Well-Being and Satisfaction Is a Priority

Three nurses viewing health data on a tablet

Staff burnout and turnover are prevalent issues across the healthcare continuum. Many staff members are worried about their own safety, as well as that of their patients and family members, particularly during times of crisis. Due to the difficult nature of their roles, chronic understaffing, or lack of adequate equipment such as PPE, healthcare workers are experiencing increased adversity and stress. In order to best support them and the patients they care for, it is essential to round on staff members themselves and enact changes that show their safety and satisfaction is a top concern.

CipherHealth’s Staff Rounding solutions create the opportunity for health systems to do more with less, optimize operations, reduce costs and retain their valued staff members. Leverage digital tools to make sure everyone is acknowledged and heard, creating a culture of transparency and open communication. Customize rounding scripts to address job satisfaction, reinforce skills, prepare for audits and manage new staff.

CipherHealth’s Staff Rounding facilitates:

Enhanced Staff Experience

  • Ensure consistent check-ins with leadership and monitor staff wellness, safety and satisfaction

Improved Communication

  • Promote coordination among each care team and make necessary changes to enhance workflow

Lasting Quality and Safety Protocols

  • Gather and act on information about employee and patient safety, resources and equipment stock


Monitor Staff Well-Being

  • Check in with every staff member to address any concerns
  • Provide resources to staff in need of support

Drive Quality and Safety Protocols

  • Act on information about employee and patient safety before it’s too late
  • Conduct regulatory and environmental checks

Provide Motivation and Recognition

  • Offer staff the opportunity to nominate their colleagues for their efforts
  • Boost staff morale by allowing patients to send Caregrams

Attract and Retain the Best Talent

  • Drive hiring, staff retention and satisfaction to reduce turnover
  • Demonstrate a commitment to staff development


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