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See it Live: Self-Service Rounding

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, the ability to gather real-time patient feedback is essential to improving their experience. Watch our free webinar on Self-Service Rounding (SSR) and see firsthand its impact on both patient care and staff workflows. 

SSR transforms patient engagement by enabling them to be active agents in their own care, while also freeing up valuable time for staff. This approach not only makes rounding more efficient but ensures staff can focus more on the patients who need it most. 

During the demo, we’ll cover how SSR: 

  • Puts patients in the driver’s seat by letting them self-report issues, leading to faster service recovery time 
  • Supplements person-to-person rounding by allowing patients to leave feedback when staff is not present to conduct a round
  • Supports enhanced patient engagement and satisfaction across clinical settings, such as inpatient units, emergency departments and ambulatory care centers
  • Offers key features for Staff Recognition and Health Risk Assessments

We look forward to seeing you there and showing how SSR can revolutionize your approach to patient-centered care.