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See it Live: Features that Empower Nurses

At CipherHealth, we are dedicated to making a difference in healthcare by supporting those at its heart — nurses. 

In honor of National Nurses Week, our webinar showcases how CipherHealth’s cutting-edge solutions can empower your nursing teams, providing them with the tools and capabilities to work at the top of their license. Hosted by Joy Avery, MSN, RN, CipherHealth’s SVP of Clinical Strategy and Donna Pritchard, FNP-BC, MSN, RN, CipherHealth’s VP of Clinical Services, along with Solutions Consultant Marina Danial, we’ll explore how to optimize nurses’ workflows to enhance both patient care and job satisfaction.

During this webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn about CipherHealth’s founding mission to make nurses’ lives easier
  • Discover how our suite of tools is specifically designed to alleviate nurse burnout by reducing redundancy and simplifying daily tasks
  • Explore how you can integrate staff recognition into your workflows to foster a positive work environment
  • See how features like flagging and automated alerts play a crucial role in reducing nurses’ workload by streamlining rounding processes—whether they are rounding on patients, staff, or different locations
  • Understand the benefits of automated outreach to help nurses address patient needs promptly, ultimately reducing avoidable readmissions and improving patient outcomes

Find out how your organization can better support the industry’s true heroes and give them back time to do what they do best — care for patients.