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Keep Patients Coming Back By Digitizing Your Pre-care Workflows

1 in 3. That’s the number of patients that would switch providers due to a poor digital experience. To remain competitive, leading healthcare providers must invest in better tools to coordinate and communicate with patients at all stages of their care journey, but especially in the pre-care setting.

That’s why we built CipherConnect. Our new conversational engagement solution empowers organizations to remove friction from the pre-care experience by automating time-consuming tasks, like scheduling appointments, filling out paperwork, and preparing for visits. It also collects data during these interactions, so they can gain a better view of their patients and tailor future interactions.

Watch the recording to learn more about CipherConnect and to discuss:

  • The challenge many face meeting evolving patient expectations with limited resources
  • The benefits of automating pre-care tasks, including saving staff time and improving patient experience
  • Examples of how health systems are creating personalized interactions to foster patient loyalty