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Shaping the Future of Patient Engagement

CipherHealth CEO Jake Pyles talks about the need to take siloed technologies and create a seamless experience for patients and staff moving forward, and explores the possibilities that intelligent rounding and outreach represent for the future of healthcare. Watch now.

Closing the Loop of the Care Continuum

CipherHealth CEO Jake Pyles: Well I think here at Cipher the mission we’re on is an important one, which is closing the loop for the patient. I think you know as we’ve talked about in the past, the siloed, fragmented nature which these technologies were deployed across the care continuum, I think it both really short changed the staff as well as short changed the patient and we have not made the experience seamless and frictionless across the care continuum.

Using Digital Intake Capability in Pre-Care Instructions 

CipherHealth CEO Jake Pyles: So how do we take these, the digital intake capability and the understanding we gain there, how do we leverage that in pre-arrival instructions? How do we take, like I said, things we learned there, how do we have care coordinators take action against some of the things we know the patient needs, and improve their experience with how they interact and engage with that provider.

Intelligent Outreach in Rounding

CipherHealth CEO Jake Pyles: I think the other big area we’re gonna see that I’m quite excited about is this concept of intelligent outreach in rounding. You know you’ll have that understanding about a patient population being rounded on, how do we instruct the nurse to do the right set of steps in the right order based on risk, based on understanding what’s the highest risk-reward in terms of how things get done inside a round. I think the possibilities there are honestly limitless.