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Community Health Network: Personalize the ‘Last Mile’ of the Patient Journey

Hear from Dr. McGill, Chief Analytics Officer at Community Health Network, on the ways his team is driving results across every stage of the patient journey using multiple CipherHealth programs to power meaningful, “Patients-First” conversations.

Updating the Patient and Team Member Rounding Process

  • Community Health Network chose CipherHealth as their partner to decrease variation in how patients receive care and interact with their health system.
  • Together, the teams focused on ways to automate and take workload off of caregivers to give them more time with patients.
  • The partnership also sought out to accelerate digital interactions between patients and their health system.
    • Digital interaction with their health system is becoming an expectation of patients and a differentiator for CHN.
  • Community Health Network chose CipherHealth as their enterprise engagement partner, building on the previous relationship by adding new solutions.
    • Partnering with CipherHealth reduced the need for multiple contracts, interfaces, and processes. 
    • CHN was interested in the customization capabilities offered by CipherHealth for scripts, including the input from our clinical team.
  • Community Health Network implemented the following CipherHealth solutions:
    • CipherRounds
    • CipherOutreach
    • Appointment reminders
    • Preventative outreach
    • Ad-hoc messaging
    • COVID Longitudinal Monitoring
    • Patient Reported Outcomes for knee and hip patients
  • Community Health Network achieved the following results after partnering with CipherHealth:
    • 1.2% reduction in no-show appointment rates, which amounts to an increase of $3 million in net revenue
    • 3,000 fewer inpatient days
    • Improved staff satisfaction
    • 94% confirmation rate to the the patient appointment confirmation outreach message