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How to Solve for Nurse Burnout

CipherHealth CEO Jake Pyles discusses how we’re putting too much administrative burden on nurses today, how we can use technology to automate processes and “do more with less,” and why, as an industry, we must do so. Watch now.

Relieving Administrative Burden on Nurses

CipherHealth CEO Jake Pyles: Today we’re asking them (nurses) to do a point reminder, we’re asking them to call and do a pre-arrival instructions, we’re asking them to do post-discharge outreach to ensure the patient understands, post-discharge what they need to be doing to not be readmitted, all this stuff can be automated and communicated via voice or text and taking that burden off the backs of the nurse so they can focus on actual clinical care delivery, that’s where we should be focused as an industry.

Using Health Technology to Do More with Less

CipherHealth CEO Jake Pyles: Removing some of that administrative burden because I think back to the staffing shortage/staff burnout, a lot of these nurses are not coming back to the profession. The supply side of the next four or five years is not there, we as an industry are going to have to do more with less. The only way we can do more with less is through the application of technology.