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Digital Rounding at Banner Health

Learn about the various patient and staff rounding programs in place at Banner Health from Stela Record, Director of Patient Experience.

Updating the Patient and Team Member Rounding Process

  • Banner Health’s goal was to support patient and member rounding at 29 acute care facilities.
  • Banner Health’s patient rounding process included:
    • Multiple integrations such as EMR/ADT, facilities ticketing, and Single Sign-On (SSO).
    • Support of a Bring Your Own Device strategy, which allowed any leader to use their personal smartphone to document patient rounds.
      • CipherHealth partnered with Banner’s IT and security team to make the BYOD strategy possible.
      • This resulted in significant cost savings for Banner Health, who no longer had to purchase and maintain work devices for employees making rounds.
  • Banner Health’s team member rounding process included:
    • Integrating team member info into Kronos, their time management system
    • Alerts to the pharmacy supply chain
    • Automated flags to support the HR system
    • Focus on recognition of team members 
  • CipherHealth assisted Banner Health in creating facility-specific reports, allowing Banner to get much deeper and more actionable insights.