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Create Meaningful Staff Experiences With CipherHealth

In the video, hear from CipherHealth clients on how they are leveraging engagement technology to create meaningful staff experiences through rounding, recognition and data-driven insights.

Improving the RN Leader Experience

Allessa Coffey Senior Director of Human Resources Strategy & Patient Experience at Banner Health: “The initial problem that we were trying to solve when we started conversations with CipherHealth was largely less about the patient experience, it was actually more about the RN leader experience. How do we make what we expect of leaders that we know as beneficial whether it’s quality, or safety, or patient experience, how do we make that easier and more effective, and more efficient?”

So that’s when we started looking at what are our technology solutions for something so foundational as rounding that before we go to push accountability and adoption, we need to have a tool. So we started looking at all of our options internally and one of the reasons we looked to CipherRounds in that journey was really possibility.

Understanding your Staff Experience

Kitty Mckay, Director of Customer Experience at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center: “Our staff rounding is really powerful in that it gives staff the opportunity to talk about what they may be experiencing in terms of burnout or tools they need and there’s a regular built in way to follow back up and help everyone stay engaged in an otherwise really challenging role.

For us I’d say the biggest things are going deeper and wider and being even more intentional with getting opportunity areas identified with our patient rounding, get even more leaders to be proactively doing staff rounding, and we are already using discharge calls and we have been since the beginning so we are looking at partnering with some other community members and being more proactive about some population health.”

Providing Staff Recognition

Deborah Young, Manager of Service Excellence at Sutter Independent Physicians: “A lot of our practices using the data didn’t really have access to recognition. One of the things that we were hearing is they weren’t getting recognition for the job that they were doing supporting their physicians. The amount of recognition comments and level of comments that are coming through has had a huge impact.”